I was born in Miami, FLthe first and last of my family to be born in the United Statesto a Panamanian mother and Salvadoran father. My parents settled there in the '70s, although I'm pretty sure that I had latched onto my Panamanian heritage instead of my Salvadoran one before I could even roll myself over. I can't explain this other than to say that there are way too many variables that led to it for me to consider, and to this day, I have yet to visit El Salvador (but I really hope that changes soon).


By contrast, I've been (and continue to go) to Panamá constantly. I consider it my second home and first muse, and whenever I'm not there, its air always manages to drift over to settle on whatever blank page I'm ready to write my words on. I love words, too, so much so that I study and make a career out of them. On the scholarly side, I hold a B.A. in English from Suffolk University in Boston, MA, an M.A. in Comparative literature from SUNY-Stony Brook, and currently reside in Boston, where I teach college-level writing and literature. Creatively, my short fiction has been published in The Copperfield Review, Short Story Library, and La Ostra Magazine, and my first full-length novel, Covered Paces, is due out this February by Editorial Trance.